Monday, March 16, 2009

Newest Member of the Family!

A couple of weeks ago my mom came home from work and told us about this guy that came into school with a puppy. He told her that two puppies were left in the house they just moved into. If you know my mom you know that she loves dogs. So that night she went and got the puppy. She is so cute her name is Bella. She is a Golden Retriever and Lab mix.


Chloe still does know what she thinks of Bella. Bella loves to chew on her tail.

Broden & Bella!


Jenkinson Family said...

A sweet little puppy. Im sure he'll get big quick. Broden looks great. Hope you are well!

Third Times A Charm said...

How cute! I want a puppy, but we're holing out for an English Bull Dog.

The Schaefer's said...

Too cute! You can't go wrong with Retrievers. We love our Maggie. Have fun with Miss Bella.

Amy said...

Well, if she ever comes up missing, its not because I snuck in your backyard, bribed her with doggie treats and tried to keep her all to myself! :)

Just kidding, I know that I couldn't keep a dog around for long. They are too much work when you have kids.

OK, when you have MY kids, anyway! They are like having puppies around that never get bigger!