Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Cont.

Ronica hid Easter Eggs outside Sunday afternoon. The boys had so much fun finding them. It was a little windy so my brothers decided to try to fly Brodens kite. Try as they might it never stayed up in the air.
I love it when all my family gets together we always have so much fun together.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

A couple days before Easter Broden and I had a funny conversation, it went something like this..
Broden- "Mom, I need to get on your computer."
Me- "Broden it is time for bed. Why do you need to get on it now?"
Broden- "I need to look up something for the Easter Bunny to bring me."
Me- "What? Broden are you kidding me? The Easter Bunny does not have an Email address."
What happened to just getting the plastic eggs full of candy? We now have to send the Easter Bunny wish lists?

This weekend my brother and his wife Andrea and baby Sofie came to visit.
We all decorated Easter Eggs on Saturday night.

Me Chad & Broden!
( I never can get Chad to smile for a picture.)

Even though he didn't send the Easter Bunny an Email, I think he had a great Easter.

School Choir Concert

Broden is in his school choir. He practices every Monday and Wednesday after school. They had a concert out at Tuachan. He was so nervous, but he did a great job.

This is a short video of his Choir.

Brodens First Pinewood Derby!

Broden was suppose to go out of town with his dad, so he was going to miss the Pinewood Derby. (I was so sad about that. ha ha)
But plans changed and he didn't end up going, so thanks to my dad and brother Jake Broden was able to go.

Even though his car didn't place he had a great time.
He as the best Cub Scout Leaders they made these cool trophy's.