Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Train!!

So this morning we went to go and take some pictures of Broden on the train tracks for his Baptism invitation. The tracks are behind Walmart by our house. We started taking some pictures when we saw the train coming so we hurried off the tracks as the train came to a STOP right by us. I was worried that we were going to get in trouble. Two guys got out and came up to us and asked if Broden wanted to go up and get in the train. So Broden got to go inside and see how the train works. He got to blow the whistle, which he thought was so cool! The guys were so nice, they said that they sometimes stop at Walmart and grab something to eat. So I am hoping that we got some good pictures.

Blue Belt!

Broden got his Blue belt on Monday! He got great scores 90 for his form, 90 for his self defense, and 80 on his sparring. Good Job Bud!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Testing for his Blue Belt

Broden tested for his Blue Belt on Saturday. Since he was a Purple Belt he had to break a board for testing. I thought I would record him breaking the board. He is doing so well in Karate. It is a big commitment, he goes twice a week. Me and the other moms that are there every time, joke that we are "testing for OUR Blue Belts" also. He will find out on Monday if he gets his Blue Belt.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Broden's First Scout Camp!

All week Broden went to Scout Camp, (8:20am - 2:20pm). No over night camp yet, one step at a time. It was hard enough for me to leave him 6 hours. Ha ha! I went to help out on Monday. It was very hot, but the boys did not seem to mind they were having to much fun. Broden is so excited to start going to Scouts!