Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Three Little Pig Opera

Broden's 2nd grade class put on the play of the Three Little Pigs, Opera style! Broden was one of the narrators. He did so good, he has been practicing his part for weeks.

Also it was his teacher's birthday on the 10th. We brought in cupcakes to the class. He has such a great teacher this year. I am sad to see this year almost come to an end. I have been the room mom this year it has been so much fun to help in his class!


The Schaefer's said...

Broden looks like he's ready to come work at Cafe Pig :c). I would have like to have seen some of the Three Pigs Opera. It sounds like it would have been very entertaining. I'm so glad you guys all have blogs so we can keep in touch and see what each other is doing.

The Boatright's said...

Okay, did Broden have to sing Opera? If so, I totally want to see video of this........So cute!