Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Broden got Baptized

On August 2nd Broden was baptized by my brother Jake and confirmed by my dad. Broden turned 8 in February but wanted to wait to be baptized til Jake got home from his mission.

After the baptism we had a BBQ at my parents house.

It was an awesome day and I was so proud of my little man! He is growing up to fast!


The Schaefer's said...

Congratulations, Broden! I'm so happy for you. Kasey, they grow up way too fast...it seems like yesterday that Harrison was getting baptized; now, he's in high school.

Amy said...

Congratulations Broden!

Sorry we missed it! I have been so sick. Broden was so cute over at my house, it was great to see him!

The Boatright's said...

Yea for Broden! We were so happy we got to be there to see it happen.

Oh you have to keep reading cuz, this is my favorite of all. I thought the ending was the best. You have to get past Jacob's Book before it really picks up.

The Larkin's said...

What a great kid you have Kasey. He's such a good boy. Congrats!