Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lightning Bolts finish their season!

Broden's Baseball team has improved so much over the season. His coaches have been so good to work with all the boys. They have had practices twice a week to help the boys learn about baseball. Well... it worked. We went into the tournament on Saturday 4th in the league (only 6 teams in the league) We won our game on Saturday! Which meant that we played the #1 team on Sunday. WE WON!!!! We were so excited for the boys. We then played on Monday night for the championship. We lost 7 to 10. But all the parents were so proud of the boys for how they improved over the season. Broden did so go this year I hope he plays baseball in the fall!

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The Boatright's said...

Go Broden! That must have been the world's most exciting game. We wish we could have been there. Yea so Kase, I was wondering where you disappeared to. Glad you are back.
Love ya