Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our Low Key Spring Break!

We stayed home this year since Broden and I are going to Utah on the 23rd for my brothers Homecoming. The week started off with bad weather and me being sick on Monday. Tuesday we went and saw Horton Here's a Who! Wednesday we went to feed the ducks, but they were not that hungry which I am sure is from kids feeding them all week.:)Thursday we went and saw Nim's Island.

An exciting thing this week is Broden starting to learn to ride his bike. He has never had an interest in learning so I was so excited that he is wanting to learn. He is still nervous so it is a slow process.


The Schaefer's said...

Sounds like a low key week. It'll be fun for you to see your brother in a couple of weeks, though. My pediatrician recommended letting the kids "coast" down a slightly downgrade grassy hill with no feet on the pedals to get their balance. It worked for both of my kids. Go Broden! You can do it!
Still missing you guys BUNCHES!

The Boatright's said...

Love the picture of Broden! And we can't wait to see you guys. Tell Broden that I can get any kid to ride a bike so hopefully he doesn't learn before you guys get here. I'm not kidding. I have taught about half the neighbor kids how to ride their bikes.

Tiffany said...

YEAH Broden! Both my kids learned to ride bikes by riding a scooter first. He'll learn fast.