Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Golf Cart

Peachtree City is known for being a golf cart community. We waited 6 months before we got one. Bill wanted a fast golf cart and when he saw the yellow one it was love at first site. Broden does not like the color and reminds us every time he gets on. You might laugh at the idea but actually I love it. You can take your cart to Walmart, the grocery store, to school, the bank... ect. If and when we move I told Bill the golf cart is coming with us, and I will start golf cart communities all over. :)

We weatherised our golf cart! In the mornings I take Broden to the bus stop in the golf cart, it was getting to cold without the cover. People told me you can get little heaters from Walmart to put in your golf cart. People here use their golf carts all year.

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